Reference: Barrows, A., & Blackall, S. 2006). Ivy + Bean. California: Chronicle Books LLC

Brief Annotation: Ivy and Bean are two young girls that insist that they will never be friends due to what they believe are “major” differences. After some forced encounters from their parents, they connect. Unlike what they thought before, they instantly became best friends. They go on many adventures together and continue to be best of friends.

Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: 2nd Grade- 3rd Grade

Readers who would like this book: Ivy and Bean would be a great book for students that are starting to make the transition from picture books to chapter books. The chapters are short but are still jam packed with fun adventure.

Rating and Response: I give this book series a 4/5. I think it is an excellent way to hook young readers into liking chapter books. I also believe the storylines are humorous and enjoyable.

Text-Dependent Question: Why did Ivy and Bean not want to hang out together at first?

Strategy: Tompkins, G. E. (2013). 50 literacy strategies: Step by step. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.

Strategy 47 on page 144-147, making a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Ivy and Bean. The students would use their comprehension skills to remember the characters, their similarities/ differences, and then write all the information down.

A Venn diagram is a great strategy in that it allows children the ability to compare and contrast two or more separate texts, while practicing their comprehension and writing skills.