Title: Ox- Cart Man By  Donald Hall

Historical Fiction


Hall, D., 1928, & Cooney, B., 1917-2000. (1979). Ox- cart man (1st ed.). New York: Viking Press

Short Summary: The oxcart man packs his goods, and begins his voyage over the hills. At the Portsmouth Markets, he sells his goods and even his beloved ox. After he sells everything he buys provisions for his family, and returns home.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grade level: K-1

Intended Readers: This is a great book to read to the younger students, to introduce them to the history.

Personal Response: I thought this was a great book to read to the younger students because it gets them to think about the history of our nation. I would rate this book five out of five stars, because of the concepts this book entails.

Text Dependent Question: What kinds of goods did the Oxman have in his cart?