1. The Sound of Silence
  2. Goldsaito, K. (2016). The sound of silence. New York: Little, Brown and Company.
  3. Yoshio searches for silence in the busy city of Tokyo. He does not find it until he is sitting in the classroom before anyone arrives and then he realizes silence is everywhere.
  4. Fiction
  5. 2nd-3rd
  6. Readers learning about cities or sounds would like this book.
  7. 4/4. I loved this book because it talks about the chaos and peacefulness of the city. It is also good for teaching children about silence and how sometimes it is hard to find a calm, peaceful place.
  8. Why does Yoshio start looking for silence?
  9. Clusters: These are webs or maps where drawings, words, and phrases are drawn out from the center circle. This provides visual representations of ideas for children, allows brainstorming, helps with learning the writing process and developing organization skills. For this book, the students could draw a cluster of places they find silence and places Yoshio found silence. This could be the only activity or could be used for the start of a larger project.