Bibliographic Information: Medina, M., & Muñoz, C. (2011). Tia Isa wants a Car. Somerville, Mass: Candlewick Press.

Short Annotation: Tia Isa wants a car to drive her niece to the beach. However, Tia Isa doesn’t have the money to buy the car so her niece does different tasks for money in order to help her aunt by the car.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: K – 3

Readers who will like this book: readers who like to read about family; reader who like to read about working hard to get something; readers who like to read about strong family bonds

Personal Response/Rating: 4 – I really enjoyed reading the book. I liked that the aunt and niece have a very tight bond and that she stands up to her uncle when he told them they couldn’t by the car.

Text-Dependent Question: What tasks does Tia Isa’s niece do to get money?