Title: Sand Sisters by Amanda White and illustrated by Yuyi Morales

APA Citation: White, A., 1965, & Morales, Y. (2004). Sand sister. Cambridge, Mass: Barefoot Books.

Short Annotation: A little girl named Paloma goes to the beach with her family and becomes sad when she realizes she does not have a sister to play with. Paloma draws a sister in the sand and cried by the Old Daddy Rock. Soon her wish came true because her sand sister she drew came to life.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Intended Audience: This book is a good read for grades K-3. It brings imagination to children.

Personal Rating: 10/10, Again, Yuyi Morales’ illustrations are very eye-catching and thoughtfully drawn. The overall story was good and can teach students to love their siblings because some do not have any.

Text-Dependent Question: “What was the name of the rock that made Paloma’s wish come true?”