Title: City Dog Country Frog

Reference: Willems, M. (2010). City Dog Country Frog, New York: Hyperion Books for Children

Annotation: This story is about a fiction City Dog that goes to the country for the first time and spots Country Frog who was waiting for a friend. They become friends and spent spring, summer, and fall together until they separate in the winter.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who would like this book: Children who like to read about animals and weather and who like relationships between two different animals.

Rating: 4. This was beautifully written and illustrated, and I could tell the emotions that both the frog and dog were feeling.

Text-dependent question: How does city dog treat other characters?

Strategy: All about…

  1. I would choose a topic for the book
    1. The topic will be friendship or weather
  2. Gather and Organize ideas for writing
    1. Students will brainstorm about what they will write or draw on each page of their mini book
  3. Write the book
    1. students will write a sentence or two on each page to accompany pictures they’ve drawn
  4. Read the book
    1. the student will read the book to me, or we can read it together and make revisions and editing if it’s necessary
  5. Share their books
    1. Student’s will share out their books to the whole class

This strategy will work great with this book because students can interpret the weather or friendships.