Title: Deadline

Citation: Crutcher, C. (2007). Deadline (1st ed.). New York: Greenwillow Books.

Annotation: Ben Wolf finds out that he only has one more left to live. He then decides to keep his diagnosis a secret and live out his senior year in high school to the best of his ability. He tries out for the football team and even asks out his high school crush. However, Ben soon finds out that keeping a serious secret is harder then it seems.

Genre: Sports Fiction

Grade Level: 6th-12th grade

Readers who would like this book: Readers would like this book if they like to read books with sports in them. Readers may also enjoy this book if they can relate to Ben in some way.

Rating and Response: I would give this book a 10. I really enjoyed this book and know that others would enjoy this book as well.

Text Dependent Question: What is Bens diagnosis?