El Deafo:

Bibliographic Information: Bell, C., Lasky, D. (2014). El deafo. New York. Abrams Books.

Short Annotation: The story of a young girl named Cece who is deaf as we go along her journey. We are able to see how to Cece feels during her time in school and how she has a special gift of knowing where her teacher is all the time with her phonic ear. Also Cece thinks of herself as a superhero, El Deafo.

Genre: Graphic novel

Grade Level: 5th grade

Readers who will like this book: Struggling readers, they are able to understand what is going on in the story with the pictures rather than using only words to tell the story. Also readers who like animals as main characters.

Personal Response and Rating: (1-4): 4. I loved this book. I thought I was not going to like it because of all the pictures and reading the text bubbles but I fell in love. I also loved the moral of the story; because someone has a disability doesn’t mean you have to treat them differently. Treat them the same and feel free to ask questions whenever.

Text- Dependent Question: What thing is Cece able to do in gym that her classmates have a hard time doing and that her gym teacher is impressed with?