Juna’s Jar

Bahk, J., & Hoshino, F. (2015). Juna’s jar. Lee and Low Books Inc.

Award Winner- New Voices Award

Juna and her best friend, Hector, have many adventures together as they fill up her empty jar. Hector unexpectedly moves away without saying goodbye, leaving Juna heartbroken. She turns to her empty jar to keep her company and along the way finds a new friend to share her jar with.

K- 1st

This would be great for any young child. It would be a great book for children experiencing lost of a friend or family member. The illustrations are great and give the characters a lot of personality.

I loved this book. The concept was so cute and realistic to what kids are experiencing in their every day lives.

Do you have something special to you like Juna?

  1. Author’s Chair
  2. Students sit in a special chair to share their writing with classmates.
  3. This is a great social routine for students and it can be used in any phase of writing. It used to ask for peers feedback and is used when students are developing the concept of authorship.