Title: Making a Friend

Reference: McGhee, A. (2011). Making a Friend. New York, New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Annotation: This story is about a young boy who makes a friend out of snow and spends the whole winter with the snowman. As the winter comes to an end so does their friendship, but he learns that “what you love will always be with you.” The boy spends spring, summer, and fall alone remembering his friend it isn’t until winter where the boy and the snowman reunite

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: K-2

Readers who would like this book: Children that love to play in the snow and have built a snowman and called it friend.

Rate: 4. The meaning behind this friendship story is a great one.

Text-dependent question: Does the main character change throughout the story?

Strategy: Book Boxes

  1. Read the book
    1. As I read the book they make a list of important objects mentioned in it that they might want to include in a book box
  2. Choose a book box
    1. students picked a box to hold their objects, and they decorate it with the name of the book and related pictures and words
  3. Fill the book box
    1. Students place three to five objects and images in their boxes along with the copy of the book
  4. Share the completed box
    1. Students share to the class about what objects they chose and why.

This strategy helps them comprehend what they have read and understand it a little more with the support of the book box.