Bibliographic information: Carbone, E. L., & Lewis, E. B. (2008). Night running: How James escaped with the help of his faithful dog: Based on a true story. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.


Annotation: This book is about a boy named James who is a slave trying to escape. He has a dog named Zeus and at first he doesn’t want him to come with because he’s too noisy. Zeus comes with anyways and he ends up saving James from being beaten and also from drowning. James realizes that Zeus is the best dog ever and he promises to never leave him behind again.


 Genre: Historical Fiction


Grade Level: 4th


Readers who will like this book: People learning about slavery, people who like dogs, and people who like historical fiction.


Personal Response and Rating: I give this book a 5/5. I thought that it had good descriptions of the hardships slaves faced, and how much an animal can be there in time of need.

Text Dependent Question: Why do you think the farmer was willing to feed James and Zeus?

Strategy #29

Description: This strategy is used to assess student’s background knowledge of a topic. It is used to see what vocabulary and concepts students already know, and has them complete a quickwrite after reading the story.

Rationale: I think that this would be a good story to assess student’s background about slavery on. After they are done reading they would have a chance to write about what they learned from the story, and how that relates to what they already knew.