Title: The Napping House

Reference: Wood, A. (1984). The Napping House, San Diego, California: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers

Annotation: Everyone is sleeping at night. The first one in bed is the grandmother and on top of her is the boy and then the dog, cat, mouse, and flea. As the flea bites the mouse it wakes it up, the mouse being awake wakes up the cat and then the dog, the boy, and finally the grandmother.

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: 1-3

Readers who would lie this book: Children that love repetitive books would enjoy this book.

Rate: 4. I loved this book as a child I loved wondering what was going to happen once everyone was awake. I also loved the way it was written and the illustrations.

Text-dependent question: What do you think the grandmothers reaction would have been if she woke up before everyone else did?