Title: Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

Reference: Barnett, M. (2014). Sam & Dave Dig a Hole. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.

Brief annotation: Same and Dave start to dig a hole with the intention of digging until they find something very worthwhile. After a long time, and many changes of plans they fell through the ground and landed back in their yard. They decided that the experience itself was worthwhile so their digging adventure came to an end.

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Grade level: 1.9

Interest level: Students in grades K-3 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: While I found their adventure and the choices they made during that adventure to be very meaningful, I am confused by how they broke through the ground and fell through the sky. This part, while visually entertaining, is pretty confusing.

Text-dependent question: What did Sam and Dave find during their adventure?

Award: Caldecott Honor

Award criteria: The winner must be a highly rated American picture book that stands independent of other resources. Books are evaluated, for this award, on their text and illustrations. This award is mainly given to books that use illustrations in an effective way that greatly contributes to the meaning of the story.