Title: and tango makes three

Reference: Richardson, J., & Parnell, P. (2005). and tango makes three. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Brief annotation: This frequently banned book is about two male penguins who become a couple, but soon become sad because they realize that they cannot lay/hatch an egg. The zoo gives them an egg, from which the first penguin to have two father penguins is born.

Genre: Informative. Fiction based on a true story.

Grade level: 3.9

Interest level: Students in grades K-2 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: While this book may be frequently banned in today’s world, I hope to see its acceptance in the future because it is a fun and charming way to introduce students to a family structure that is alive and well in today’s society.

Text-dependent question: Why is Tango such a unique penguin?