Title: The Terrible Hodag and the Animal Catchers

Reference: Arnold, C. (2006). The Terrible Hodag and the Animal Catchers. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press Inc.

Brief annotation: This is a story about a beast called Hodag who is friends with the lumberjacks that work in his forest (especially one named Olee). When animal catchers came to catch Hodag and take him away, the lumberjacks decide to work together to get rid of the catchers in order to protect their friend.

Genre: Western Folk Tale

Grade level: 3.4

Interest level: Students in grades K-2 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: This story showcases that friends help and protect each other from harm. It also teaches the lesson that not everything is as it seems.

Text-dependent question: Why did the lumberjacks help Hodag?

Award: Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Criteria: The winner of this award must be of the best quality and must be more appealing than other works in the same Genre. Books being considered for this award are judged by the standards of production, and by the incorporation of universal values.