Reference: Polacco, P. (1998). Thank You, Mr. Falker. New York: Philomel Books.

  • Contemporary realistic Fiction

Brief Annotation: This book is about a very special teacher named Mr. Falker who is one of the first people to recognize little Trisha’s dyslexia. Even though Trisha has dyslexia, Mr. Falker still encourages her to overcome her reading disability.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: 4

Readers who will like this: Readers who enjoy reading stories that have a conflict the main character of the book overcomes. Any reader who likes to read encouraging, and empowering books.

Rating/Response 1-5: 4, I really enjoyed reading this book becuase it goes to show the impact teachers can have on their students and how teachers leave the impact forever.

Text-Dependent Question: Trisha has Dyslexia, name a few struggles Trisha overcomes despite her dyslexia. And please explain what Dyslexia is.