Title: The Snow Day

Reference: Keats, E.J. (1962). The Snow Day, New York, New York: The Viking Press

Annotation: This story follows the fun adventures that Peter had on a day where there was snow covering the ground as far as he could see.

Award: The Caldecott Medal

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: K-3

Readers who would like this book: Children that like reading about small adventures in the snow. Also, children who like to read books that have kids as the main character.

Rate: 4, this book is a fun story to read aloud to children especially when it’s the winter season where you can get many activities going with this book.

Text-dependent question: Why was Peter sad when he checked his pocket before he went to bed?

Strategy: Story Boards

With this approach, I would use this for sequencing the story line of this books. Students would get a random card and have to sequence themselves in a line.