Bibliographic Information: Harris, R. H., & Westcott, N. B. (2012). Who’s in my family?: All about our families. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.

Brief Annotation: A story about two small children Gus and Nellie who is excited to go to the zoo with their family, they invite their friends and relatives to the zoo as well. There they get to see different animals and different family altogether.

Genre: Juvenile literature

Grade Level: K-1

Readers who will like this book: Readers who are loves sharing about their family and loves to learn more about family.

Response and Ratings: It was fun to see how you get to see the different families and relatives of Gus and Nellies friends but you also get to see  different animals with their families as well. 5 out of 5

Question: Now I want you to discuss with a partner who’s in your family?