Title: Good Night, Mr. Tom By Michelle Magorian

International Reading Association Awards


Magorian, M. (1986). Good night, mr. tom (1st Harper trophy ed.). New York, N.Y: Harper & Row.

Short Summary: Willie Beech is an abused child of a single mother is evacuated to the countryside, because of  World War II. The boy is afraid of what the countryside has to offer, even Mr. Tom; the kindly old man that took him in.

Grade Level: 5

Genre: Fiction

Intended Readers: Students who want a challenging read, and love to read about Word War II.

Personal Response: I usually don’t get into history books,but I really enjoyed to read this book. I thought the storyline was impeccable and easy to comprehend. I would rate this book five out of five stars.

Text Dependent Question: Why was Willie afraid of Tom?