Reference: Gunderson, J. (2015). Snow White: 4 Beloved Tales. New York. Picture Window Books.

  • Story of Snow White 2 comparison

Brief Annotation: The second story in Snow White 4 beloved tales  is called Marigo of the Dragons: An Albanian fairytale in this version Marigo is sent to the forest to be killed by her father but he cannot do it, and the evil queen asks the sun whose the fairest of them all not a mirror. Marigo is then given a poisoned hairpin, and a poisoned ring. The prince takes Marigo to his castle, his mother takens the ring off of Marigo and she wakes up. The couple gets married and the evil queen goes to their wedding and gets killed.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 4

Readers who will like this:  Any reader familiar with the story of Snow White and enjoyed the story and wants to learn about different verisons told around the world.

Rating/Response 1-5: 4, I liked the book and enjoyed learning about the different versions around the world told. However it was kind of gruesome.

Text-Dependent Question: What is a similarity from this story to the original story of Snow White?