Reference: Gunderson, J. (2015). Snow White: 4 Beloved Tales. New York. Picture Window Books.

  • Snow White verison 4

Brief Annotation: The next story is called The magic Needle: A Turkish fairytale the padishah’s wife kept asking her servant who was the most beautiful and she said the padishah’s wife was until the servant saw their daughter. The mother took her daughter into the wilderness and left her in hopes wild beasts would eat her.While in the wild 3 hunters took the young girl in. Her mother found out where she was gave her daughter poison hairpins and killed her daugther, then she was sent in a glass coffin to the moutains and eventually she turned into a bird. The mother knew her daughter was a bird and ripped off the birds’ head, where blood spilt roses grew and she turned back into herself again, married a sultan and put her mother in jail.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 4

Readers who will like this: Any reader familiar with the story of Snow White and enjoyed the story and wants to learn about different verisons told around the world.

Rating/Response 1-5: 4, I liked the book and enjoyed learning about the different versions around the world told. However it was kind of gruesome.

Text-Dependent Question: What kind of animal did the girl in the story turn into?