Bibliographic Information: Bauer, M. D., & Lewin, T. (2009). The Longest Night. New York: Holiday House.

Short Annotation: On a very long night, a crow, moose, and fox claim to be able to bring back the sun because they have unique abilities. However, the wind tells the crow, moose, and fox that the only one who can bring back the sun is chickadee. So chickadee sings and the long night turns into a lovely sunny day.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2 – 4

Readers who will like this book: readers who like to read about nature; readers who like animals as main characters; readers who like to read books about believing in yourself

Personal Response/Rating: 3 – I enjoyed the illustrations and reading about the different ways the animals saw the sun disappear.

Text-Dependent Question: What did Chickadee have to do to bring back the sun?