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Bibliographic Information: Lorbiecki, M. (2006). Jackie’s Bat. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books.

Annotation: This book is written through the perspective of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ bat-boy and his growing perspective of Jackie Robinson throughout the season. At first, the boy doesn’t like the idea of serving a black man, eventually he has a change of heart.

Genre: Sports fiction

Grade Level: 1-4

Readers who will like this book: readers learning about Jackie Robinson

Response/Rating(1-4): 4; I love this book because it is through the perspective of a young boy working for Robinson; it perfectly conveys his growth in humility.

Text Dependent Question: What did he give his pops before the Wold Series game?


A. Venn Diagrams

B. Venn Diagrams are used to compare and contrast topics.

C. This strategy can be used to compare and contrast Jackie Robinson and the bat boy in this story. Students can compare and contrast their attributes, traits, or their dreams/goals.