1. We Planted a Tree
  2. Muldrow, D. (2010). We planted a tree. New York: Golden Books.
  3. This book tells the story of how one tree can make the world a better place.
  4. Informational/Poetry
  5. K-2
  6. Readers learning about caring for the earth or learning about trees would like this book.
  7. 4/4. I liked how the book used a simple message to tell a clear message about the importance of trees.
  8. What does the tree provide for the people in Kenya?
  9. Interactive Read-Aloud: This strategy activates students engagement and background knowledge by first previewing the text and then stopping periodically to ask specific questions based on the text. Students then participate in a discussion or other response activity at the end. Using this book, the students could discuss what they already have learned about trees (for example, my pre-school age sister saw the cover and said “is this about the kindness tree!?”) and then we could stop during the reading to make connections and make predictions. At the end of the reading, the students could engage in a variety of activities based on the unit (like kindness, environmental studies, or chain reactions).