Title: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett

APA Citation: Barrett, J., & Barrett, R. (1978). Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. New York, NY: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Short Annotation: This little girl and her brother Henry were getting ready for bed when their grandpa came to tell them a story. He told them the story about Chewandswallow town. In that town, it didn’t snow or rain. What fell out of the sky were different kinds of food, three times a day. Soon the food falling from the sky became out of control and the people of Chewandswallow had to move quickly. After moving, they never saw food falling from the sky ever again.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-5

Intended Audience: This book is a good read for all audience. It is not too long, not too short, and very entertaining.

Personal Rating: 10/10, I think this book is really good for imaginative minds. The illustrations brought the words to life and it is a fun book to read.

Text-Dependent Question: “Which food was your favorite that fell down from the sky? If none, what is your favorite food?”