Title: Good Sports by Jack Prelutsky and Chris Raschka

APA Citation: Prelutsky, J., & Raschka, C. (2007). Good Sports: Rhymes About Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More. New York: Dragonfly Books.

Short Annotation: This is a book that goes through a series of different sports in poem formation. There is baseball, basketball, swimming, skating and many other sports.

Genre: Sports Fiction

Grade Level: 3-5

Intended Audience: This book is better for older children because they probably have been more exposed to poetry. K-2 might have read alouds of poetry but have not yet studied it.

Personal Rating: 10/10, I liked how this book included a variety of sports and not just the common ones too. I was a little disappointed because I saw a shuttlecock in the first page but badminton was not included in the book. Other than that, Prelutsky wrote about failures, successes, and wishes that these different athletes go through. It makes it realistic that there are wins and there are losses.

Text-Dependent Question: “Where did you see similes in this book?”