Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Bibliographic Information: Blake, Q., Dahl, R. (2007). Charlie and the chocolate factory. New York. Puffin Books.

Short Annotation: About a boy and four other children who win the opportunity to be allowed inside the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, a factory that hadn’t been open to the public for some time.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 5th grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers who like to read about adventures to mysterious place and what the character has to do.

Personal Response and Rating: (1-4): 4. I like how this book has different portrayals and experiences of experiences that the characters have.

Text- Dependent Question:

Reading Strategy:

  1. Tompkins: Readers Theatre
  2. Students act out a scene from a book and write their own scripts.
  3. This is an appropriate strategy for this book because many students can be involved. Also this strategy can help English Learners comprehend what is taking place in the story.