Title: Hush! By Minfong Ho and illustrated by Holly Meade

APA Citation: Ho, M., & Meade, H. (2000). Hush!: A Thai lullaby. New York, NY: Orchard Books.

Short Annotation: A baby is sound asleep and there are animals making noises. The mother goes around to tell them to be quiet. Once it was night time, the animals finally stopped making noises and the mother falls asleep. Everything was silent except the baby’s eye were wide open.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Intended Audience: This is a good book for students who like lullabies and singing. I do not know the melody but it would be fun to sing or chant this with the students.

Personal Rating: 8/10, it was a good book that portrayed their culture and lifestyle but I feel like something is missing.

Text-Dependent Question: “Who was sweeping in the hay?”