Bibliographic Information: Telgemeier, R., & Lamb, B. (2016). Ghosts. New York, NY: Graphix, an Imprint of Scholastic.

Short Annotation: Catrina has to move because her sister, Maya, has cystic fibrosis. They learn that the town has ghosts and Maya sets her heart to meet on of the ghosts.

Genre: Graphic Novel

Grade Level: 3 – 7

Readers who will like this book: readers who like graphic novels; readers who like to read about Dia de los Muertos; readers who like ghosts’ books

Personal Response/Rating: 4 – I really enjoy the illustrations. I also like how the illustrator and author did an amazing job to show all the aspects of Dia de los Muertos

Text-Dependent Question: In what language did Catrina have to speak to the ghosts?

Reading Strategy Connection: Story Retelling – This strategy allows students to expand their oral language, enhance their comprehension skills, and deepen their understanding of the book. This strategy is an appropriate instructional match for this book because it can be a great way to show the teacher that the student read the book and not just looked at the pictures.