Reference: Weatherford, C. B., & Nelson, K. (2006). Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom. New York, NY: Hyperion Books for Children.

Brief Annotation: Harriet Tubman is determined to be free from slavery. She puts all of her trust in God to finally set her free. Harriet is a brave woman that takes her freedom and leads others to freedom through the underground railroad system.

Genre: Historical Nonfiction

Grade Level: 1st– 4th Grade.

Readers who would like this book: Students who are interested in history would like reading this book. It holds a story of the real horrors of slavery in America.

Rating and Response: I give this book a 5/5. Although the content is not always pleasant to read, it is important to gain new perceptions on hard topics such as slavery.

Text-Dependent Question: How many times did Harriet go back using the underground railroad to bring people to freedom?