Saved By The Boats

Bibliographic Information: Gassman, J., Moors, S. (2016). Saved by the boats: the heroic sea evacuation on september 11. Minnesota. Capstone Press.

Short Annotation: About 9/11 and how the only transportation that was working this day were the boats. Every boat imaginable were taking people to safety.

Genre: Nonfiction

Grade Level: 5th grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers that want to learn about what happened on 9/11. Also readers that want to learn about the heroes that saved many on this tragic day.

Personal Response and Rating: (1-4): 4. I love how this book portrays this event. The illustrations also depict what the setting was like on this day

Text- Dependent Question: What types of boats were helping out on this day? (ex. Tug, taxi)

Reading Strategy:

  1. Tompkins: Quilts
  2. Students draw a picture or write about a topic or scene that interests them.
  3. This is an appropriate for this reading strategy because when all the student have completed this assignment all of their pieces will be pieced together to make a quilt. Also students will have to comprehend this situation and as a teacher you can see how the student is comprehending this story.