Title: Snow White: 4 Beloved Tales

Citation: Gunderson, J. (2015). Snow White: 4 Beloved Tales. New York. Picture Window Books.

Annotation: In the second book of this book of snow white, Marigo is sent out to the woods to be killed by her father. However he cannot kill her. Then instead of asking  a mirror the queen asks the sun to tell her who the fairest of them all is. Marigo is them put to sleep by a poison hair pin and then a poison ring. A prince finds her and takes her back to his palace. Then the prices mother takes the hair pin and ring off of her and she wakes up. The prince and Marigo end up getting married and the queen gets killed.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 3rd- 5th grade

Readers who would enjoy this story: Readers would like this story if they wanted to read a different version of the original snow white.

Rating and Response: I would give this story a 8. I thought it was interesting, but a little to dark.

Text Dependent Question: How does snow white fall to sleep?