Reference: Rylander, C. (2012). The fourth stall. New York, NY: Walden Pond Press.

Brief Annotation: Mac has a business that he runs from an abandoned men’s bathroom in the school. Mac and his business manager Vince, help students solve their problems and retrieve whatever they need for a price. Although their business is successful, they discover that something is missing. Who is going to solve their problems? Plus Staples and his terrifying group are threatening their classmates as well as starting to inflict harm on their business at school. It is up to them to stop the bullies.

Genre: Mystery

Grade Level: 5th – 8th Grade

Readers who would like this book: I think readers who are interested in drama/ mystery books would enjoy this story.

Rating and Response: I give this story a 4/5. I thought it was creative and humorous. It would be a great book to read to 5th graders as well as a great book for older students to read on their own.

Text-Dependent Question: Where is the location of  Mac and Vince’s office?