Reference: Silverstein S. (1964). The giving tree. New York, NY: Harper & Row

Brief Annotation: A young boy develops a relationship with a female tree. Throughout the story, the tree continues to give the boy everything he wants until the tree has nothing left to give him. This book is frequently banned in many schools.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-2nd Grade

Readers who would like this book: I think young children would like this book, in the same way, I did as a child. I thought the tree was so nice to give the boy as much as she could to make sure he was happy. Not in a patriarchal way, but in a friend-like way.

Rating and Response: I give this book a 2/5. It is not a great book if you are thinking about kindness. It can give children the message that you should not take advantage of your friends, but I believe it is harsh for a children’s book.

Text-Dependent Question: Why did the tree stop giving to the boy?