Bibliographic Information:  Blume, J., & Trivas, I. (1988). The pain and the great One (Piper Picture books). London: Piper Books in association with Heinemann.

Annotation: A funny look at sibling rivalry as an eight-year-old girl, “The Great One,” and her six-year-old brother, “The Pain,” state their cases about each other and who is best loved by their parents.

Genre: Realistic fiction

Grade Level: K-4th

Readers who will like this book: Young readers who have siblings and who like to read stories about families would enjoy reading this comical novel.

Personal response and rating: 5/5 If you have a sibling like I do you will find this novel to be hilarious and numerous ways that is relates to you and your siblings relationship.

Text dependent question: Why do the siblings call each other “the pain” and “the great one”