Title: Where the Wild Things Are  by Maurice Sendak

Free Choice


Sendak, M. (1991). Where the wild things are (25th anniversary ed.). New York: HarperCollins

Short Summary: A little boy named Max who feels misunderstood at school and home. He escapes into his fantasy world where the wild things are. Where they allow Max to be the leader and the person that everyone misunderstands.

Genre: Fantasy

Genre: 1-5

Intended Readers: Students who love to read about fantasy and monsters.

Personal Response: I thought this was an outstanding book because I love to read the fantasy genre books. I would rate this book five out of five stars.

Text Dependent Question: How many wild things live in the fantasy place Max imagines?

Reading Strategy: Readers Theatre

As a class you read and study a book, then the students will perform a less complicated version of the book.

Rationale: This is a great tool for the students to understand what fantasy and real life is, and they will also enjoy their time being creative.