Bibliographic Information:  Choi, Y. (2003).  The name jar. New York: Dell Dragon Books.

Annotation: This book is about Unhei, who has just moved to the US from Korea. Unhei feels lonely at school and worries the other kids will not like her. She wants to choose a more American name, so her class gives her a jar of names.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1st-3rd grade

Readers who would like this: Readers who enjoy stories with diversity and about friendship.

Rating and Response: I would rate this book 4/4. It was such an enjoyable story and had a great lesson about learning to be yourself.

Text-Dependent Questions: What name did Joey choose for himself?

Literacy Strategy: Literature-Based Reading Activities Chapter 4- Post Reading Activities

Activity= I Am Poems(pg. 124)

With this activity, students make a poem about a character in the story using their thoughts, characteristics, and experiences. Lines of the poem begin with “I am…I want…I feel…” etc. This would be a good activity to use with Unhei, so students can better understand why she wants to change her name.