Bibliographic information: Allsburg, C. V. (1985). The Polar Express. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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Annotation: This book is about a boy who starts to doubt that Santa is real. He hears a train whistle outside of his window on Christmas Eve which the conductor tells him is called the Polar Express. He is taken to the North Pole with many other children where he meets Santa and his elves. He chooses a bell as a gift, which he ends up losing on the way home. When he wakes up on Christmas morning the bell if under the tree, because Santa had found it. His parents are unable to hear the bell, but him and his sister could. Only those that believe are able to hear the sound of the bell from Santa’s reindeer.

 Genre: Fiction

 Grade Level: K-2

 Readers who will like this book:  People in the Christmas spirit, people who are starting to doubt Santa, and people who like magical stories.

 Personal Response and Rating: I give this book a 5/5. I loved this book! It was so cute, and it was a great book to listen to around the holidays.

Text Dependent Question: Why can’t the boy’s parents hear the bell?