The Giving Tree


Silverstein S. (1964). The giving tree. New York, NY: Harper & Row


Fiction- Frequently banned book


This story follows the relationship between a young boy and a tree. The boy climbs from the tree, eats the apples, and sleeps under it. The tree gives and the little boy takes. In the end, there is almost nothing left of the tree.


2nd– 4th


I think readers who have read other Shel Silverstein books would like this story. This could be a good book to teach the theme of friendship and the balance between giving and taking.


I give this book a 3/5. The idea of the tree and the boy’s relationship is cute to me, but I found it kind of sad how there is nothing left of the tree. I’m not sure the message is fitting for the young readers.


How did the boy use the tree?