Knuffle Bunny


Trixie brings her stuffed bunny, Knuffle Bunny, everywhere. She goes to the Laundromat with her dad and loses her beloved stuffed bunny. She goes on a search to find Knuffle Bunny.




K- 1st


This is a great book for young readers. Many children have stuffed animals or special blankets they bring with them everywhere, so they could relate to Trixie.


I loved this book. It was really cute and a little different from Mo Willems usually books with the pigeon. I had a special blanket I brought everywhere so I understand how devastated Trixie was to lose it. 5/5


Where did they finally Knuffle Bunny?

  1. Guided Reading
  2. Teachers select a book that can be read at students grade level and they read them independently then come together and talk about the text, occasionally revisiting the text.
  3. This helps students become more fluent and capable readers. Students read books they are capable of, with the teacher there to guide them.