My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother


Polacco, P. (1994). My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks.


Patricia is fed up with her brother Richard teasing here and being better than her at everything. Patricia hopes that someday she can finally beat her older brother at the spite of her getting some stitches.


Realistic Fiction- free choice


3rd– 5th grade


I think students who are emerging readers would like this book. It is a great book about brother/sister relationship ships so any children with siblings would relate to the story.


I loved this book. I grew up with two older brothers, so I can relate to how Patricia feels. I love how Polacoo writes about her own personal experiences.


How did Patricia finally prove to her brother she could do something better then him?

  1. Open Mind Portraits
  2. Students reflect on a character from the story and draw open mind portraits of the characters.
  3. These help students focus on the main characters as they read the story and notice the authors details they included in the story.