The Fourth Stall


Rylander, C. (2012). The fourth stall. New York, NY: Walden Pond Press.



Mac has a business, he helps students solve their problems and retrieve whatever they need. Mac and his business partner Vince notice something is missing. A group of bullies are threating to harm their business at school.


5th– 6th grade


I think students who enjoy mystery books would really enjoy this book. It is a great mystery with drama in the story.


5/5. Growing up I loved mystery stories so I enjoyed this one. I was really into books with a strong female lead so this would be a good book to get young girls to read also.


How does Mac stop the bullies?

  1. Double Entry Journal
  2. Students write information in each column. One side is quotes they have taken out of the book and the other column is their reflections on the book.
  3. The quotes show that the students understand what they have read.